Things obviously don’t add up in the Health Care Industry


People are loving the cost of poor service calculator. Seems like a lot of people want to show the powers that be how much money they are losing through poor service in the health care industry.

I’m hoping this incredibly simple, yet overlooked, calculation will change the minds of many big guns sitting in big chairs on hospital boards. Stingy bean counters beware – there’s now a cast of over 100 health care warriors armed with the “Cost of Poor Service” calculator. Customer Service in Healthcare is bound to improve:)

Excellent :)

I’ve been inundated with messages. Sorry to those who could not download it. The widget I used had a bit of a meltdown I think. Either that, or the widget is only compatible with some browsers? It’s worked fine for most people. It’s great to see so many people wanting it.

If you’ve had trouble downloading it let me know – you can send me a personal email and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can – Email:

I’ll do my best to roll out my PPWR training modules soon.

In the meantime, remember this quote by a good friend of mine called Anonymous.

“Never be afraid to do something new. Remember, amateurs built the ark; professionals built the titanic.”


Grant Muddle – Healthcare Warrior

Serious Title. Serious Mission. Seriously:)

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