Stuff you! As IF I’m going to say hello…

Not a good greeting. Really.

You may not actually SAY those exact words but you don’t have to – your body language will say them for you.

If you don’t give a stuff, it’ll show – without you meaning it to.

So this is why an elementary lesson like “Greetings” has been added as an important module in the Healthcare Warrior training series.

Most people just don’t realise how important a professional, meaningful greeting is.

Quality healthcare service relies on it.

Imagine the scenario.

Maybe you’re a bit scared about an upcoming medical procedure.

It could be routine day surgery, but still, as you’ve been told a million times, ALL surgery has risks.

You walk into the hospital, trying to stay happy and positive. All is cool.

You get to the admissions desk and smile hopefully.

Hello? Hi? I’m here?

You try desperately to make eye contact with the staff behind the counter. But their behinds are so stuck to their chairs and their eyes are so glued to their computer screens they don’t notice you are even there.


No acknowledgement. You start to wonder, if it’s as bad in the operating theater as it is at the front desk of this healthcare establishment, whether the surgeon will really give a S.H.I.T about you as you lie there out to it while they fix your bits.


Maybe you should just walk out and go elsewhere? Could it be that easy to get what you want with another healthcare provider?

Nowadays, if you’re covered with private healthcare insurance, it’s easy to be choosey.

Good for you..but VERY bad for healthcare providers who don’t give a S.H.I.T. about service.

If you’re working for a healthcare provider that is a wee bit challenged when it comes to understanding the importance of service, feel free to use these downloadable service training manuals – they’re FREE!

Moral of these words which, due to the length of the post you could not call a story, is that a professional greeting counts…all the way to the bottom line.

Don’t forget to check out the training modules…they’re free!

Bye for now!

Grant Muddle – Healthcare Warrior.

Serious Title. Serious Mission.

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