See. It works. Add quality service and you add dollars to your bottom line.

How one medical center increased their patient recommendations by 20%

I came across an article and thought I’d share it here with you all.

It confirms exactly what I’ve been raving on about in this blog.

That is, if you increase healthcare services and amenities you’ll increase your bottom line.

Just by adding a bit of hotel-style luxury to a normally lack-lustre and depressing healthcare setting you can increase profits as a result.

Adopting this approach, a US Medical center increased their patient recommendations by 20%.

You can read about it here…

Link to an article about the benefits of adding quality service in a healthcare setting

See. It works. I’m not an idiot screaming about nothing after all :)

But imagine if it was the other way and the word of mouth ‘recommendations’ were negative? How much would that cost your business? Don’t forget to play with the “cost of poor service calculator” to show everyone in your organisation how damaging bad service is.

And oh – I’ll be rolling out Module 3 of the Healthcare Warrior’s service series in a few days and posting here for you to download – consider it a Christmas Present :)

Please use it. Because, when you add something as simple as better service you not only add quality care to those who need and deserve it the most, but you add to your bottom line. Isn’t it a shame for me to have to add a financial justification. Sadly, it’s always required when you want to make things better – I know, I’m a bean counter by trade :)

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