One simple calculation could cost hospitals millions

Here it is.

My trusty “Cost of Poor Service” calculator. You can download and share it here.

I’ve dusted it off a bit just to make sure it was at least presentable before I gave it to you.

It’s a gift after all.

Looking at it today, I can’t believe how simple the calculations are.

Yet how hard is it to persuade those holding the purse strings in hospitals to cough up a few funds to improve service levels.

I’m hoping you’ll use it to state your case – to bring about real change in hospitals.

Once you’ve proven how many $$$$$ are being lost through poor service, and you’ve finally been given a budget to play with, you can then get into the nitty gritty.

The stuff that makes a difference – like Service Training.

I’ve done heaps of it.

Here’s a couple of acronyms to get you interested…


They’re the names of some training modules I’ve created for improving quality service in hospitals.

They really work.

I’ll roll them out over the next few weeks.

In the meantime, get stuck into Hospital Management and show them the financial damage they’re responsible for if they think service isn’t important to the healthcare industry.


Grant Muddle

Healthcare Warrior

Serious Title. Serious Mission. Seriously:)

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