Jingle My bells! Just in time for Christmas!


Yo! Yo! Yo! A customer service training module just in time for Christmas.

Here it is…

Module#3 of the Healthcare Warrior Customer Service Training Series – Offering Service

It’s a FREE download.


All I ask is for you to USE it so healthcare service across the world improves. And don’t be shy – remember to tell me what you think of it in the comments section below.

You’ve now three training modules to use as a helpful tool to make a start on improving customer service in your Healthcare Industry business – or for any industry really.

Module#3 in the series focuses on appropriate ways to offer service in a healthcare setting.

Once again, it’s those simple service things that seem to get lost and forgotten about for some reason in our industry.

Using learner activities and chat points it touches on the importance of things like body language and the way in which we offer service.

All up, it takes just 20 minutes of training time – a small price to pay if you want to better your healthcare service – and your bottom line.

Set a training schedule and start the New Year with a customer service bang…and I guarantee you you’ll get more for your healthcare buck:)

 On a “Christmassy” closing note…

Thanks so much for your feedback and comments in 2010.? The Healthcare Warrior has been an idea of mine for eons and eons. It’s so exciting to see it gaining momentum after just 6 months.

Make sure you pound the corridors with me next year. I’ll still be pumping out helpful tips and FREE training manuals for you all to use. There’s 11 more modules to prepare PLUS some bonus stuff I’ve got planned.


A Merry Christmas and a Happy Customer Service Training Manual to YOU!



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