I gave you my Warrior Word – so here it is…The First Healthcare Customer Service Training Module

Healthcare Industry Customer Service Training – Mod1 V1 – The Four Pillars of Service


Yeah…I know what you’re asking, because my wife is asking me the same thing.

Why am I giving all my hard hours of work away for FREE?

Why wouldn’t I? I’m serious about changing the service levels in Healthcare. The more I share, the better it gets.

BUT Warriors need to be ‘politely’ pushy to win big service wars, so in return, here’s what I request YOU do….

1. Collate the amount of complaints you get monthly. Go to the big dudes who set the big budgets and show them your simple yet clever calculation using the Cost of Poor Service Calculator. Make them sweat over the big, scary figure down the bottom.

2. Explain to them that you can start to fix the damage with just a bit of service training using the Healthcare Warrior’s FREE Customer Service Training Module.

3. Show them the training manual normally costs $29.90 here BUT you’ve got in your hot little hands a FREE copy.

4. Ask them for a training budget and get going. Dooooo it.

Make up Healthcare Warrior certificates for all your attendees. Do whatever it takes to get people motivated about service in the Healthcare Industry.

Man…shame now. Things are getting pretty full on. If only I called myself the Healthcare “Ninja” – sounds far more feistier – I’ve always wanted to dress up in black tights and throw those metal stars around. :)


Grant Muddle

Healthcare Warrior – Serious Title. Serious Mission. Seriously:)

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