Customer Service in Healthcare Training Module #4 Complete!

Close to Divorce, But My Latest Customer Service Training Module Is Complete!

I think my wife hates me.

But only when I have my head stuck in this computer.

For the other 5 minutes a week I’d say we have a very robust relationship.

See the sacrifice I go through to get these healthcare training modules out?

Anyway. It’s not about ME.

It’s fun doing these modules. It gives me a buzz to see how many times these little PDF customer service training modules get downloaded and the personal emails I receive saying “thanks”.

Customer Service in Healthcare is definitely improving. I can feel it in my bones.

But changing service culture in a normally sterile environment can’t happen overnight.

Healthcare companies in the US are definitely getting the message. And as my last post mentioned, with the rise of social media, we service providers have little choice but to make change happen.

Module #4 in the Customer Service in Healthcare training series addresses the need to handle requests in a professional manner.

It’s funny. I read over the content and think it’s basic stuff. But it’s amazing how many professional healthcare workers have no idea how to hit the mark when it comes to basic customer service.

I imagine it’s because their focus has always been on clinical outcomes, not happy ‘guests’.

I’d love feedback. These are a labour of love – a work in progress. There’s 16 more to go. Will I make eeeeeeet?

Feedback is definitely welcome.

All the best in health and service!

Grant Muddle

Serious Title. Serious Mission. Seriously:)


  1. Hello Grant,

    I’m a room service coordinator for a hospital in Eastern Iowa. I just wanted to say thank you for creating and distributing such a great resouce to providing excellent customer service in the healthcare industry. I’ve only browsed through the modules as of yet so I’m a little far from implementation but I am very impressed by your willingness to share your hard work without money being your sole objective.

    Thanks again!

  2. Love the series! Its been VERY influential and we have seen definite positive outcomes! Very much looking forward to more. Thank you for all your hard work and for making the materials so readily available!

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