More coming soon…

Hi everyone, sorry we have been a little absent of late with our posts and updates. However we are currently working on new modules, new ideas and are here to assist with any of your questions or requirements. Please keep and eye out for the changes and these will start occurring over the next few […]

“You must lick my feet and neigh like a horse”, she demanded.

Before I get on to the horse bit, I want to talk about bacon. Poor old bacon. It gets a bad wrap. Whether for religious or health reasons, we’re warned off it. In fact, after watching the video below showing an example of recent KFC customer service in my home country of Australia, I’m now […]

Jingle My bells! Just in time for Christmas!

  Yo! Yo! Yo! A customer service training module just in time for Christmas. Here it is… Module#3 of the Healthcare Warrior Customer Service Training Series – Offering Service It’s a FREE download.   All I ask is for you to USE it so healthcare service across the world improves. And don’t be shy – remember […]

See. It works. Add quality service and you add dollars to your bottom line.

How one medical center increased their patient recommendations by 20% I came across an article and thought I’d share it here with you all. It confirms exactly what I’ve been raving on about in this blog. That is, if you increase healthcare services and amenities you’ll increase your bottom line. Just by adding a bit […]

Cold probes up orifices and chilling Chinese whispers. Be like Disneyland…or beware…

This post was inspired by Willem. It’s encouraging to see more hospitality professionals like him becoming passionate about changing what goes on in hospitals. Customer Service in Healthcare is slowly improving. He’d had a terrible experience during the birth of his daughter in Spain at a hospital that was apparently the ant’s pants. Here’s his […]