Cold probes up orifices and chilling Chinese whispers. Be like Disneyland…or beware…

This post was inspired by Willem. It’s encouraging to see more hospitality professionals like him becoming passionate about changing what goes on in hospitals. Customer Service in Healthcare is slowly improving. He’d had a terrible experience during the birth of his daughter in Spain at a hospital that was apparently the ant’s pants. Here’s his […]

Ahhh…now where was I? Oh…that’s right – in my hospital bed fooking starving…

Since last blog entry, I’ve been working on a pretty cool “Cost of Poor Service” calculator. Once it’s complete, I’ll share it with you. More on that later… In the meantime, let’s talk about something REALLY baaaaaaad. It’s bad…but basic. I never thought customer service in healthcare would go this low:) People gotta eat. Even more so […]

Care with service. Service with care. Does service rest well in the healthcare industry?

“Hi, Care. Meet Service. It’s time you two got to know each other”. What a shock. The day I started in the Healthcare industry, I was appalled. Sadly, I’m not being over-dramatic. I suppose I entered at the ‘arse end’ of the industry. The end officially referred to as ‘aged care’. Yeah – sounds terrible […]

Patients My Guests

It’s funny, but hospitals know little about hospitality. Executives sitting on hospital boards seem to care little for quality guest service and consider it pretty much superfluous to the ‘business’. They’re wrong. After a few challenging years carving out a clearer path towards quality service in the healthcare sector, I’ve now a bit to say […]