Customer Service in Healthcare Training Module #4 Complete!

Close to Divorce, But My Latest Customer Service Training Module Is Complete! I think my wife hates me. But only when I have my head stuck in this computer. For the other 5 minutes a week I’d say we have a very robust relationship. See the sacrifice I go through to get these healthcare training modules out? […]

The Rise of Healthcare Dining Services as a Core Service in Hospitals.

Why a patient-centered model of care should always be on the menu. Forget the quality of the medical degree Dr. Jones has on her office wall. It’s time to start thinking about the quality of food on top of your patient’s plates. In the past, food and beverage services were no more than just an […]

“You must lick my feet and neigh like a horse”, she demanded.

Before I get on to the horse bit, I want to talk about bacon. Poor old bacon. It gets a bad wrap. Whether for religious or health reasons, we’re warned off it. In fact, after watching the video below showing an example of recent KFC customer service in my home country of Australia, I’m now […]

Jingle My bells! Just in time for Christmas!

  Yo! Yo! Yo! A customer service training module just in time for Christmas. Here it is… Module#3 of the Healthcare Warrior Customer Service Training Series – Offering Service It’s a FREE download.   All I ask is for you to USE it so healthcare service across the world improves. And don’t be shy – remember […]

See. It works. Add quality service and you add dollars to your bottom line.

How one medical center increased their patient recommendations by 20% I came across an article and thought I’d share it here with you all. It confirms exactly what I’ve been raving on about in this blog. That is, if you increase healthcare services and amenities you’ll increase your bottom line. Just by adding a bit […]

Stuff you! As IF I’m going to say hello…

Not a good greeting. Really. You may not actually SAY those exact words but you don’t have to – your body language will say them for you. If you don’t give a stuff, it’ll show – without you meaning it to. So this is why an elementary lesson like “Greetings” has been added as an important module […]

I gave you my Warrior Word – so here it is…The First Healthcare Customer Service Training Module

Healthcare Industry Customer Service Training – Mod1 V1 – The Four Pillars of Service NORMALLY $29.90 BUT YOU CAN HAVE IT FREE NOW….BUT NOT FOR LONG! Yeah…I know what you’re asking, because my wife is asking me the same thing. Why am I giving all my hard hours of work away for FREE? Why wouldn’t I? […]

Things obviously don’t add up in the Health Care Industry

Whoa! People are loving the cost of poor service calculator. Seems like a lot of people want to show the powers that be how much money they are losing through poor service in the health care industry. I’m hoping this incredibly simple, yet overlooked, calculation will change the minds of many big guns sitting in big […]

One simple calculation could cost hospitals millions

Here it is. My trusty “Cost of Poor Service” calculator. You can download and share it here. I’ve dusted it off a bit just to make sure it was at least presentable before I gave it to you. It’s a gift after all. Looking at it today, I can’t believe how simple the calculations are. Yet […]

Cold probes up orifices and chilling Chinese whispers. Be like Disneyland…or beware…

This post was inspired by Willem. It’s encouraging to see more hospitality professionals like him becoming passionate about changing what goes on in hospitals. Customer Service in Healthcare is slowly improving. He’d had a terrible experience during the birth of his daughter in Spain at a hospital that was apparently the ant’s pants. Here’s his […]